Hvad siger vore kunder

  • Both new and pre-owned machines

    "We use several new and pre-owned Rilesa machines as an important part of our production line. That's why things like ease of use, flexibility and quick resetting of the machinery is of vital importance to us. Our service costs are very low on the machinery and we have been met with a lot of flexibility from Rilesa when needed.

    We can definitely recommend Rilesa as a trustworthy supplier."

    Mr. Rickard Lorenz fra 
Træforädlingen, Sweden

  • Very satisfied with Rilesa machines

    "In general we are very satisfied with Rilesa machines. I don't know the capacity of drilling machines, connected to routering line, but we produce more than 300 doorframe pieces per hour and it is more than enough for us. The Rilesa machines are reliable, uptimes average more than 98% and changeover is about 10 min."

    Mr. Priit Koha fra 
Jeld-Wen, Estonia

  • Quick service

    "We need a partner that understands the woodworking industry and the sometimes special needs we have as a customer. Not only is Rilesa's machinery top of the line, they also deliver a very fast service when we need drill heads, software updates or hardware service. And since our Rilesa machinery is placed in a critical area of our production, a quick service is very valuable for us."

    Mr. Adam Golinski fra 
Swedwood, Poland

  • Precision and longlivety

    "At Swedwood we have bought both new and used woodworking machinery from Rilesa. We have been especially pleased with the precision and longlivety of the products, combined with flexibility and the quick change of machine settings. Many of our Rilesa machines are working non-stop in a hard work enviroment. We have been very satisfied with the instruction given to our personell and with the service provided by Rilesa - both in and outside regular business hours."

    Mr. Torben Urth fra Swedwood Tikhvin

  • Good return on our cost-benefit analysis

    "Buying a dowel drilling machine, or indeed any other type of woodworking machine, can be done on the basis of many different parameters. At Shuangye Furniture we use common sense and a calculator. And we just got our second Rilesa machine installed.
    With this we get a good return on our cost-benefit analysis."

    Mr. Zhao Dongsui, president fra Shuangye Furniture

  • Project TOTO High Living - Japan

    "These days everything starts with a simple email. It was the same with this project and the contact to Rilesa.

    We needed a special machine for notching and we don't have this kind of machine in our product range.

    The first response from Rilesa was really quick. We send our request and the technical specification for the machine to Rilesa and after a few mails and only 3 weeks later we had a first budget offer from Rilesa. The further contact was very pleasant and efficient. So only a few weeks later we had a final meeting together with our customer and Rilesa. It was not so easy to convince the customer of this project. But in the end it was his knowledge about the HOMAG Group and the experience of Rilesa with special purpose machinery manufacturing, that made him sure to sign the contract.

    After several weeks of construction and building the machines, the next meeting was in Ribe at the factory of Rilesa. After a short trip through the factory we made the pre acceptance of their machine. It was close to perfect. Strong machine frame, good looking wired machine, everything was working in the way we had discussed.


So far so good, back to Germany and waiting for the line installation of all machines. 1 week later the machine arrived in Schopfloch. Only three days for the mechanical and electrical installation was really quick. Some communication problems between our line control and the Rilesa machine could be solved on the same day they where detected. We where still on schedule and one week before the customers visit and the final acceptance.

During the acceptance the customer had some special wishes for changing something on the Rilesa machine. So after the acceptance, the Rilesa machine got back to Ribe to satisfy the customers wishes.

    We are really happy about the flexibility of the company Rilesa. They made all changes in a short term. After a successful installation in Japan, I can say it was a really good decision to hire Rilesa for this project. We never had any problems with support, service or project management. Satisfied customer, satisfied project manager and satisfied business partner.

    I'm really looking forward to the next project together with Rilesa.
    Thank you very much for all the support and a successful project in Japan.

    Mr. Thomas Ott
 fra HOMAG Engineering